Friday, March 24, 2017

D’OR24K's Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe / Review

I'm a single mom of 2 boys, a 17yo and a 4yo. Eye bags and are kind of a "Daily face accessory" of mine. Of course, I am always looking for solution to look "rested".

I can honestly say... I found it!!! The D’OR24K's Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe get's rid of the eye bags and fine lines IN SECONDS without the need of invasive procedures or actual needless. It's a pink gel with a thick consistency. It tightens the skin and lifts wrinkles while absorbing excess facial oil. After applying the product the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines disappear, making your skin look smoother and tighter.

The results are instant and instant, typically last six to eight hours, depending on your skin type. Mine is oily and trust me it last. The only thing is, you cant apply any kind of liquid on the area like moisturizer or foundation. Just powder products. Trust me, it's worth it.

I applied just a drop the size of a pea for both eyes and just pad it gently around the desired area, in my case my eyes. It glides easily on the skin and dries really quick. I can feel how my skin quickly start to feel and look tighter and smoother.

As you can see there's is a big difference. I notice my eyes look smoother, rested and hydrated. I actually look awake and rested. I just apply my MAC foundation powder and boom. This momma is ready to go!

Take a look at this amazing product HERE and don't forget to use promo code:  PROMO25 for 25% off your purchase. Also, if you want more info on how to apply the D'OR24K's non surgical eye lift syringe click HERE.

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Jeulia Crossover Pave Wedding Band Review

"You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own 'acres of diamonds."
This quote describes EXACTLY how I felt when my "Crossover Pave Round Cut Sapphire Wedding Band" from Jeulia arrived. I mean, yeah I am single but, a girl can have pretty diamonds on her jewelry box right?

Jeulia it's an online jewelry store that strives to sell high quality jewelry at affordable prices. They have many different styles that are hand crafted at their own studio and shipped directly to you.

This gorgeous round cut wedding ring it's sterling silver, it's kind of thick but maybe it's because my fingers are really skinny, this ring it's actually size 5 (I have the fingers of a toddler). It has 104 diamonds on top, they are not real diamonds, they are not cubic zirconia either, Jeulia takes pride on handcrafting their own sapphire stone on their lab. I compare it with another CZ ring I have and trust me the difference its HUGE. This are more sparkly, clean, high/good quality, elegant. I can go on and on but I'm sure you get my point.

The other thing I liked about this box it's that it comes gift ready. Inside the big box there are 2 "drawers" one with the ring or your choice of jewelry and the other one with a nice little bag and card for you to write any message. Definitely the whole package.

In my opinion I would use this kind of ring just for special occasions, taking bath and/or doing dishes with it on it's not a good idea. Also, don't apply lotion, perfume or anything with harsh chemicals, it can tarnish the diamonds. If you want to clean it they suggest using a gentle dish soap and soft toothbrush to remove any dirt or build up and rinse it in hot water. Super easy!

Right now they have a HUGE sale on their website, check it out HERE.

Got it free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Generation Good Sample Review

As some of you know, I have a 4yo. He has a really sensitive skin. So sensitive that I can't wear perfume or do my laundry with my favorite detergents. It will flair up his skin :( specially his arms. I have been looking for a sensitive skin detergent that actually works. Not only that it's gentle on the skin but one that it actually gets rid of the stains and the (stinky smell kids have!!!). And honestly, I think I found it...

Seventh generation it's a natural laundry detergent is tough on stains, but gentle to the skin. With no dyes, optical brighteners or synthetic fragrances which it's perfect.

I have been skeptic with this kind of detergents because they might be gentle on the skin and maybe too gentle with the stains too. As you can see here, these are jeans my son wore to school. Full of paint, grass and God knows what else. I threw them to the washer with the rest of the load and BAM!!! They look good as new.

Definitely a good product that actually works. I got this samples free on the Seventh Generation community page. You can too!! Just click HERE. Create a quick and easy profile. And look for the "Sensitive Skin" mission. They will send you short quizzes to see if you qualify for some missions. The more you are involve the better!!

Got this samples free for testing purposes and review. All opinion are my own.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kis-su Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment / Review

Dry, dark, flaky lips?! Yup, I got them. Minus the dark part but the rest?! Oh yes!. I am always on a constant war with them. Scrubbing, buying every product I see to help with that situation and yes, drinking water too!

But lately, I haven't been fighting so much since using the Kis-su kis-su lip and nipple treatment. Yes, this treatment can be use on the nipples but, I will not be talking about that because I wanted to be able to show you results and let's be honest.. You do NOT want to see my nipples so, moving on!!

The kis-su kis-su it's not a lip gloss, it's a treatment that contains shea butter extract, pantheon, alpha-arbutin and vitamin E derivative which help revitalizes softens & smoothens dry and dull lips. It has really fruity scent but don't taste it, just saying it.
A little bit goes a long way with this treatment. Just apply a little bit on the lips (or nips) and massage until absorbed!

And voila! soft, smooth and visibly pink lips. I honestly keep this with me all the time, apply when needed.

Get it HERE. Don't forget to watch my video below and until next time peeps. God bless!!
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Got it free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own!

Finess Hair Care / Review

I remember when my grandma used to wash my hair with Finess shampoo and conditioner. I had a really long hair when I was a little girl. Getting this products brought back so many memories!! And of course, I had to try them again.

 The consistency of the shampoo and conditioner is soft and and white. It does has a light scent but it's a good one. I still can't figure out what the scent is but it doesn't linger so it's good. I have very dry ends and frizzy hair so I like to leave the conditioner for a couple of minutes extra.

I let my hair air dry to see the real results! I like how shinny, voluminous and soft my hair was. It was really easy to detangle and brush. However...

If you have oily hair or oily roots like me, I do not recommend this product. My hair was looking fabulous while my roots were looking really greasy. Luckily, finess carry other options to choose and are super affordable!

Available at Walgreens or Walmart

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rebecca Mail Box / Unboxing & Review

March has bee a crazy month so far here in Massachusetts. The weather has been all over the place. Warm, cold, warm, snow... It's completely "BUNKERS"!!! While other's are getting ready to celebrate "St. Patrick’s Day". The Rebecca Mail Box this month got ready for a punctual and stylish tea party!! Are you ready?!...
If you are new to box. It's a monthly subscription, life style box. It cost $35.00 a month and it's packed with full size, good quality products. It's also a themed box, which means every month it's a different theme and all the products revolve around the theme. They also have a new box, it's "The Becca Box", it cost $22.00 and it's the same thing but in a smaller version!

On this month box I got...

1. Logo Travel Cup. Retails for $9.00 perfect to take your cold coffee on the go!
2. Stash Tea (samples). I'm not a fan of tea! Maybe I'll try these 2 to see what the fuss it's about.
3. Art Print. It retails for $9.00 and it has a quote from the movie "Alice in wonderland".
4. Deluxe Hair Ties. Retails for $5.00 and they came in super cute colors!

5. Washi Tape Set. Retail for $6.00 and they come in cute pastel colors.
6. Card with Envelope. it retails for $4.50 and it has a quote from the movie "Alice in Wonderland".
7. Rose Gold & White Watch. It retails for $22.00 and it's the cutest, most elegant watch I have ever seen. Very stylish.
8. A box of Lucky charms. What March would it be without some leprechauns and rainbows!!

I also found this piece of candy. Definitely a really sweet box!

Most of this items can be found on the "Rebecca Mail Box" website. Definitely a really good box to be pampered with every month!!

Check them out: Website, Facebook, Instagram

This is not a sponsored post. The company did send me the products for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ionic Straightener Nano Ceramic Hair Brush / Review

Let's talk about my hair. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that I have hair but it can be a pain in my butt. I have straight hair, thin and frizzy. Now, I try to do all this DIY's to tame the frizz but sometimes I just want to get rid of it quickly and get on with my day.
This brush comes in different colors. It's super lightweight and easy to manage. The bristles are made of silicone for safety, I am super clumsy so trust me, I am grateful that I didn't burned my scalp in the process. That black round button you see on the brush it's the on/off button but also the screen that allows you to see the temperature of the brush. You can graduate the temperature between Celsius or Fahrenheit. It comes with bag for safety storage or take it on the go.

This ceramic hairbrush emits negative ions which gets rid of the frizzy hair and/or any flyaways, it also leaves your hair shiny and smooth. Did I mention it heats up super quick without burning you or your hair. I say... It's a win!

Get it HERE. #straightener

Hope you enjoy this review peeps. Until next time. God bless.

Got it free for testing and review. All opinions are my own.

Aiyabrush Electric Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic toothbrushes are the talk of the town, they are like the chokers (you know, the accessories) of  oral health. Some are super expensive other not so much. They all have different features but at the end of the day I want something affordable that gets the job done. Well, I found it!! And it's the "Aiyabrush". An electric sonic toothbrush with 5 different brushing modes, water resistant and it comes with 2 heads with soft bristles that will get the job done!!

The "Aiyabrush" comes in 3 different colors white, blue and pink. I chose blue because I wanted to give it to my 17yo. He drinks a lot of soda, eats a lot of candy but has a smile that even dentist think he got bracers at some point in his life. The thing is, he NEEDS a really good toothbrush and this one has been perfect.
The brush comes with everything you see here (check my video below for unboxing). It comes with handle, usb cable and 2 heads with soft bristles. It has 5 different brushing modes: Clean, Refresh, Whitening, Gum Care, and Sensitive. You can choose them pressing the button on the handle, it also let's you know the life of the battery which last up to 3 month charged. It does have a cool feature and it's a 30s timer.
At first it's kinda hard to notice because it pauses really subtle. But it's perfect because it allows you to have a more uniform and deep brush. The bristles offer the perfect balance; strong enough to clean your teeth yet gentle on your gums. This sonic toothbrush has 31,000 brush stroke per minute leaves your teeth feeling better and shining brighter. And the best part?! It's super affordable.

Get it HERE. Don't forget to watch my unboxing video below and please, please follow my channel. Until next time peeps. God bless.

Got it free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, February 27, 2017

That 70's Shoe Collection / Sneak Peak and Review

Have you ever wished you own a pair of cute, trendy shoes that matches ALL of your outfits?! or at least most of them!!! Well, let me tell you... Our dreams are about to come true this Fall 2017. And that's because Alterre has come up with the most amazing idea ever. This coming fall they are releasing their new "Resort/Winter 2017 Collection: That 70's Shoe", where the colors from the 70's meet the style of 2017. Elegant, chic and comfortable shoes that you can accessorize and change for any occasion with their interchangeable straps.

Jackie, Marilyn and Tilda are some of the style names you will find on the RW Collection. With bold colors like "fuchsia pink" or the classic must have "black suede". This shoes are ready to take you from a business meeting to a cocktail night. They are made of genuine leather and uppers recycled plastic heels, also have a lot of insole padding and you will be able to mix, match with their interchangeable straps which comes in different styles like metallics, sparkle, flowers and more.

You will be able to custom build your shoe online or in-store. They also offer "Starter Kits", these include a pair of shoe and 2 pairs of straps and my all time favorite "A monthly subscription" for $14.99. Girl, I'm telling you, you need to check them out. Imagine packing one pair of shoes with 3 different styles for that business trip or vacations. Packing light? It's possible!

These are definitely good quality shoes fit for every style, age and occasion. Plus, they donate 5% to Restore NY, a long term rehabilitation center for victims of sex-trafficking. Check them out HERE.

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All opinions are my own.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Johanna's Jewelry Boy Pendant & Necklace / Demo & Review

Mother's day it's practically around the corner and with it, the headache of "What am I going to buy mom?". Well, let me make it easy for you!

Johanna's boy pendant and necklace are the perfect gift idea for mother's day, a birthday, baby shower or any special occasion.

This 18k gold plated, stainless steel pendant its' 21mm lengh and 11mm width. It comes with the necklace which is also a 18k gold plated and 20inches long. And the plus part? It comes inside this black velvet box, ready to give and perfect for storage.

In my opinion this kind of jewelry last depending on how you take care of it. No bathing, pool or beach with it on, don't apply perfume on it or hair spray. Yes, it's a good quality plated gold set BUT, if you don't take care of it properly is more likely to loose the color and shine!

They also have the girl pendant just in case you want to check it out. Definitely an affordable and nice option for mother's day or any occasion. Get it HERE.

Don't forget to watch my video for more details about the necklace and pendant. Until next time peeps. God bless. #womenjewelry

Got it free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beauty Box 5 Unboxing and Review

"Lips without lipstick are like a shot of expresso without coffee". Well, thankfully I got my coffee on hand and my new set of lippies on the other thanks to this month BB5 box!

BB5 it's a monthly subscription, beauty box. It cost $12.00 and it always comes with 5 products inside, samples and full sizes. Since I joined BB5, I have had the opportunity to try new products and different brands. One of my favorite parts is the element of surprise, I have no idea what I'm getting on each box every month and I like that. I love surprises!

Anyways... Enough with the chit chat and let me show you what I got on my box this month!!!

"Style Essentials, Lip Glow" This is a full size lip crayon and it retails for $4.00. First of all, let me tell you this lippie smells DIVINE! Like candy. It's a really light pink. You can use it alone or on top of a matte shade!

 "So Susan Colour Hybrid" This is also a full size product and it retails for $17.50. Yes, for that sizes it's a bit expensive BUT... The formula on this it's so creamy and pigmented with a delicious candy scent. You can apply It on your cheeks or lips. Honestly, I don't know if I should apply it or eat it. It smells that good.

"Jean Pierre Cosmetics, Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask". I just got 1 as a sample, the mask comes in a set of 5 and retail for $5.00. My lips are always dry so this was heaven when it arrives. Apply it for 15min on your lips and then massage them. Smooth, healthy lips.

"Tint Beauty, Unicorn Liner". It's a full Size and it retails for $7.00. It's in the shade "Fairytale" It's a shade lighter than the lippie. It glides so smooth on my lips and it's really pigmented.

"Tint Beauty, Unicorn Lippie". Its a full size and it retails for $9.00. This lippies it's in the same shade of the liner "Fairytale" but much darker. It's a matte and extra pigmented. I like it because it's truly a tint. It stays and it last longer!

$42.00 in products and I got them for $12.00. Cant beat that. Check out the BB5 subscription HERE. Don't forget to check out my video below and until next time peeps! God Bless.

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